Supervision training program


The course provides the training supervisor with a variety of techniques and approaches to conduct both, individual and group supervision . The supervision model used within this course can be applied to a variety of clinical settings.


This course is designed to meet the criteria with key counselling and psychology organisations. This course is 42 hr in total made up of seven training modules . It has both didactic and experiential training components .  Assessment tasks have been designed at the end of each module.  A certificate will be issued on completion.


Topics covered:


Why become a supervisor?  Qualities of a good supervisor.

Application of adult learning principles and development models

Supervision models across a range of counselling / psychotherapy modalities

Choosing the right model for the setting

Cultural differences

Experiential learning ..moving theory into practise

Ethical practice/your obligations/ contracting /expertise and limitations

Use of self in the supervisory relationship/ supervisory alliance

Practical aspects – report writing/presentation of clinical work/evaluation


At the beginning of the course, participants will be given the full course outline  and accompanying learning resources


Both Jenny and Brian are available to further provide 10 hrs of supervised practice post course for an additional reduced fee if you have completed the course.



The health professional applying for this course is to have a minimum of 5yrs post training experience with a minimum of 3yrs as a clinical member of their relevant association



May 25th


July 27th

August 24th

September 21st

October 26th

November 23rdth