Illawarra Gestalt  is a community of  faculty, students and graduates, (originally in the Illawarra region of NSW) that have been involved in Gestalt Therapy worldwide. The directors of Illawarra Gestalt now live at Peregian near Noosa in Queensland and have maintained the original Aboriginal meaning of “Illawarra” as ‘pleasant place’ to continue supporting Gestalt therapy through the activities of the this psycho-spiritual “pleasant place that is Illawarra Gestalt, now @Peregian.

This community has played a significant role in the growth and evolution of Gestalt therapy both in Australia and overseas, and supports the ongoing evolution of Gestalt therapy through


·    Conferences, workshops, training and supervision across Australia

·    Editorial boards, publications and journal articles such as Gestalt Review, Studies in Gestalt and the ejournal Gestalt!

·    Our new publishing venture, Ravenwood Press working in conjunction with CreateSpace publishing (a subsidiary of Amazon and Amazon Europe and Kindle Direct Publishing)

·    Involvement with the Gestalt Associations world wide such as the Association for Advancement of Gestalt Therapy, the New York Institute of Gestalt Therapy, the Gestalt Leaders Conference,

Faculty, students and graduates have organized and presented at national and international conferences, as well as other training centers in Australia and as guest faculty in the USA and Europe. We have a regular monthly community meeting day at the centre as well as an ongoing email group and website to link people around the globe.

2012 is our 29th year as a training centre, which makes us the oldest ongoing centre in Australia. In that time many hundreds of students have attended the program from across NSW, Victoria, Queensland, ACT and even as far away as Japan.

About the Centre...

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